Terms of Service

Before creating an account at getcrawler.com, carefully read the following Terms of Service.

Creation of the account is equivalent to the fact that you:

- are familiar with Terms of Service and agree to all its provisions

- agree to use this site in accordance with the law

- agree to the processing of your personal data within the range specified in these regulations

I. Definitions

1.1. Service Provider - Provider of the service

II. General Provisions

2.1. This document sets rules of using services provided by the Service Provider

2.2. Using this website and its services, you agree to all conditions set in this document.

III. Scope and Conditions of Service

3.1. Service Provider provides services under the conditions specified in this document.

3.2. Service Provider allows you to collect data shared by external websites on your behalf.

3.3. Using Service Provider is possible only after creating an account and acceptance of these Terms of Service.

3.4. Using services provided by the Service Provider requires:

3.4.1. Computer or iPhone/iPad with iOS >= 7.0

3.4.2. Modern Web browser with CSS3, JavaScript and Cookies support

3.5. Both sides may terminate the agreement without giving any reason and without delay. There is no minimum period for which the contract cannot be terminated.

3.6. A service provider wishing to terminate the agreement, notify you by e-mail address provided during the registration within 10 days before the scheduled date of account removal.

3.7. You terminate the agreement by deleting your account.

3.8. Service Provider reserves the right to send to your email address technical information about the services provided by the Service Provider which are non-marketing information on the meaning of the Polish Act on Providing Services by Electronic Means.

IV. User Registration

4.1. During registration, user:

4.1.1. fills in the registration form by providing username, password and email address,

4.1.2. confirms that he is familiar with the Terms of Service and that he accepts its provisions,

4.2. User gains access to the account by entering valid username/password combination.

4.3. During registration, as well as when using the service, you must:

a) ensure that provided personal data is accurate and up to date, not misleading and does not infringe the rights of third parties,

b) update given on the registration form data immediately after each modification of the data. Updates shall be done under the user account,

c) maintain the confidentiality of your password and not disclose it to others.

V. The Copyright of Posted Content

5.1. You declare that before adding an external source of data to your account, you have checked:

a) terms of using this source and they don’t prohibit you from using it with services provided by the Service Provider.

b) its compliance with the Polish law, and it doesn’t break it in any way

5.2. Service Provider cannot check terms of using external sources of data or its compliance with the Polish law. User who notices content which may be in a conflict with the law is obligated to send information about it to contact@getcrawler.com.

5.3. External sources of data containing data which may be in a conflict with the Polish law will be blocked.

5.4. In particular, it is forbidden to add to the Service Provider sources of data that:

a) would be posted on the service in bad faith, for example, with the intention of infringement of any third party or the reputation of the Service Provider;

b) would be offensive or could be considered a threat addressed to other people,

c) violate any third party rights

d) violate the law relating to the protection of copyright and related rights, the protection of industrial property rights, business secret or obligations of confidentiality,

e) otherwise violate the provisions of these Terms of Service, the provisions of the Polish law, social or moral norms (ex. contain content promoting violence, pornographic, hateful racial, religious, ethnic, violation of religious feelings).

5.5. Service Provider is not responsible for the nature of the external sources content, comments and usernames. Steps to verify the legal nature of the external content, comments, or usernames are taken by the Service Provider only upon request.

VI. Use of the Website

6.1. User shall in particular:

6.1.1. use the service in a way that does not distort the operation, in particular through the use of specific software or devices,

6.1.2. refrain from actions such as making activities to acquire possession of the passwords of other users,

6.1.3. use the service without major inconvenience to other users and service provider, respecting their personal rights (such as rights to privacy) or any of their rights,

6.1.4. use any content posted on the Service solely for his own personal use. The use of content in another area is allowed only on the basis of the explicit consent of an authorized person.

6.2. You are solely responsible for actions taken on the service with a valid username and password.

6.3. The user is obliged to immediately notify the Service Provider of any breach of the rights to your username and / or password, as well as any breach of the rules set  in the Terms of Service. You can contact Service Provider by sending an email to contact@getcrawler.com

6.4. Service Provider may lock or delete user account or limit an access to parts of the service with immediate effect, in the event of a breach by the user one or more of these regulations, especially if the user:

6.4.1. gave during registration inaccurate data, inaccurate or outdated, misleading or violating the rights of third parties,

6.4.2. posted on the service content, comments or username inconsistent with applicable law or the provisions of these Terms of Service,

6.4.3. violates any rights of third parties,

6.4.4. is guilty of other behaviors that are considered by the Service Provider reprehensible behavior, contrary to the applicable laws and / or the general principles of using the Internet,

6.5. A person who has been deprived of the right to use the Service, cannot re-register on the site without the prior consent of the Service Provider.

6.6 The user is allowed to subscribe up to 500 websites.

6.7 You can only subscribe to websites which provide RSS channels.

VII. Subscription and Fees

7.1 To receive updates from your subscriptions you need a valid account.

7.2 Your account is valid until it reaches its expiration date.

7.3 To extend your account you can subscribe with credit card or PayPal at “sites.fastspring.com/subreader/”.

7.4  You will be responsible for payment of the applicable fee at the time you start your paid subscription at “sites.fastspring.com/subreader/”. Your payment is immediately used to extend your account. All fees for the service are non-refundable. No contract will exist between you and the Service Provider for the services until the Service Provider accepts your order by a confirmatory e-mail or other appropriate means of communication.

7.5 Your subscription will continue indefinitely until terminated in accordance with the Terms. After your initial subscription period, and again after any subsequent subscription period, your subscription will automatically commence on the day before the end of such period and continue for an additional equivalent period. You agree that your Account will be subject to this automatic renewal feature unless you cancel your subscription at any time by logging into and going to the “options/buy access/manage your subscription” page. If you cancel your subscription, you may use your subscription until your account expiration date; your subscription will not be renewed after your account expires. However, you will not be eligible for a prorated refund of any portion of the subscription fee paid for the current subscription period. By subscribing, you authorize the Service Provider to charge your payment provider now, and again the day before your account expires. If the Service Provider does not receive payment from your payment provider it may suspend your account.

7.6 After your account expires you will be able to access your collected data for the next 3 months from the date of your account expiration. After that period you may lose access to your data and your account may be deleted.

VIII. Complaints

8.1. In the course of using the Service, you must:

8.1.1. immediately notify Service Provider about any irregularities, faults, poor quality of service or interruptions in the operation of the site and its services

8.1.2. maintain the confidentiality of your password and make best efforts to prevent any third party from entering into possession of your password,

8.2. You can report problems related to the functioning of the service to: contact@getcrawler.com

8.3. User has the right to file a complaint within one month from the date on which the service was performed improperly. Complaints submitted after the deadline specified in the first sentence shall not be examined and service provider shall immediately notify the user about this fact.

8.4. The complaint may be submitted to: contact@getcrawler.com

IX. Disclaimer

9.1. Service Provider is not responsible for technical problems or technical limitations in computer, computer system and telecommunication infrastructure, which is used by the user, which prohibit the use of services offered by the Service Provider.

9.2. You are solely responsible for ensuring technical compatibility between your computer and services provided by the Service Provider.

9.3. Service Provider is not responsible for:

9.3.1. loss of contents due to hardware failure, system or other circumstances not caused by the Service Provider

9.4. Provider is not responsible for the unavailability of the service due to force majeure. Provider also reserves the possibility of suspension or termination of services on the Site at any time, for any reason, particularly because of the need for maintenance, revision and expansion of the technical base.

X. Privacy Policy

10.1. Users’ personal data are processed by the Service Provider for the purpose of the service, in particular to ensure the smooth operation of the service, as well as to enable the provision of services offered to users through the website.

10.2 Your personal data will not be disclosed to any third party without your permission.

10.3. Service Provider reserves the right to disclose selected information to the competent authorities or third parties which have made a request for such information, based on an appropriate legal basis and in accordance with applicable law.

10.4. Details of the user, including personal information, will be stored for no longer than is necessary in connection with your use of the service.

10.5. Every user has the right to access their personal data, the right to correct, amend, and to require to stop processing this data and its removal, by writing to the Service Provider at contact@getcrawler.com. If you submit a request of deleting your data, you won’t be able to recover that data in the future.

10.6. When you first connect with the Service Provider, your IP address, information about your device and other technical data are logged in system logs. Service Provider will process this data in accordance with the law for technical purposes and to collect general statistical information.

10.7. Service Provider uses cookies, to collect information related to the use of the service by you. Cookie files allow to identify the user's computer in order to ensure that the User Account is used by a person who inputs the correct username and password assigned to it.

10.8. Due to registration by you on the site in accordance with the Terms of Service, the information given by you during registration (username), as well as data provided by you after registration may be available for other site’s visitors. In the same way a registered user may have access to the data shared on the site by other users.

10.9. You are not allowed to post on the site any personal information about other persons without their permission.

10.10. Provider declares that it will endeavor to provide users a high level of safety during the use of the service. All events affecting the security of information transmission, including suspicion of sharing files that contain viruses, and other files of this nature should be reported to the Service Provider at contact@getcrawler.com

10.11. Service Provider uses modern security techniques to protect user accounts, but for technical reasons cannot guarantee full confidentiality of stored and transmitted information.

XI. Final

11.1. Service Provider reserves the right to stop providing the service without explanation after notice to Users by means of mailing of such decision at least 10 days in advance.

11.2. In case of recognition of individual provisions of these Terms of Service according to law to be invalid or unenforceable, the validity of the remaining provisions should not be affected.

11.3. In matters not covered by these Rules shall be governed by the Civil Code, the provisions of the Act of 18 July 2002. of electronic services (Journal of Laws of 2002 No. 144, item. 1204, as amended. amended.) and the Law of Copyright and Related Rights Act of 4 February 1994 (consolidated text. dated 17 May 2006. - Journal of Laws No. 90, item. 631).

11.4. Service Provider reserves the right to change these Terms at any time. Service Provider must inform users about changes in Terms of Service 14 days before changes come into force. Changes are considered accepted by you if you don’t delete your account in this 14 day period.

11.5. Regulations come into force on 15.06.2015